Elonex Netbook That Looks Like A Macbook

There are plenty newcomers in the netbook or mini notebook products range, one of them is Elonex with the product called Elonex Webbook. Elonex, for you who never heard it before is a company founded in 1986 to offer computer and related IT services direct to customers allowing them to exercise more control and benefit from improved flexibility.

Anyway enough for Elonex introduction, let's look at their product the Elonex Webbook. This product is probably created for consumers who wants a different look or feel for a netbook. Although the specs is just the same as other netbooks. Starting from the Intel Atom N270 processor, 1 Gigabyte RAM, and Intel 945GSE chipset with the usual onboard GMA 950.

Looking to the picture, we can see what differentiate this product from others is the design that looks like the MacBook Pro. They sell a white keyboard version of the Webbook, and if you look at it, it really looks like a Macbook!

Observing the design, this Webboook from Elonex looks like a little bit heavier than the usual netbook.

One important thing I noticed is that the battery is permanently installed to the netbook. It is possible to open because screws exist and should be able to open but inside it looks like the is cable soldered to the netbook.

The performance of this netbook is standard. Now as a conclusion, people who are going to buy it must decide from the price tag.

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