What to Expect from Apple Netbook?

Consumers are now expecting the Apple rumor to come true because of predictions of Apple producing its first-ever netbook. There's even an expected release date to the unseen product and everybody should expect it on October.

Many people are still not sure because Apple is probably not working on a netbook. Rumors said that the new product by Apple is a tablet. Recently netbooks are gaining popularity, the netbook market is expected to see 33 million netbooks shipped this year. What people really like about netbooks are because they're cheap, compact and do what you need them to do.

In the Apple perspective, netbooks are probably not the right product to launch because we all know that Apple focuses on the higher end of personal computing and computing experience.

Although rumors still exist, we should probably refer to Steve Jobs himself who clarified Apple's stance on netbooks, essentially saying there's no chance Apple will do one, so stop the rumors before they start. According to CEO Jobs, Apple doesn't know how to build a $500 notebook that wouldn't be a glorified paperweight.

Apple will probably produce a new tablet-style netbook that will change the rules on netbook pricing, which typically hovers around $500 on the high end. Reports indicate that Apple's touch-screen tablet is going to hit the roughly $800 mark.

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