Netbooks Are Useful

I recently read an article by Mike McDonald, who said that the netbook existence is questioned, and Mike stated it was a useless ‘tweener’ device. In his perspective, netbooks are to small and have akward keyboards.

Answering the article by Mike, we should remember that the selling point of netbooks is low cost, not functionality. You can get a computer for less than $300 with everything you need to be connected, and serve almost all the computing needs a non power user would have.

If you are in an emerging market, you might not be able to afford a $1000 fully featured notebook or a 60$/month data plan for your phone, but you still want to be connected.

Most of the people who buy netbooks are not going to buy them as an extra device, they will buy them instead of a notebook. Don't forget that the positive point of netbooks are because of it's size and probably it's the only thing you have to carry. You could get 7.5 hours of battery life, not manufacturer battery life (they say 9.5), but 7.5 hours of doing real work.

Most netbooks aren't powerful enough for video editing, photoshop, or heavy music editing, so if that's a big or important piece of what you do then a netbook will be useless for you.

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