What A Future Netbook Will Look Like


Netbooks are bound to evolve into gadgets that are capable for advanced purposes. A new generation of netbooks will be named smartbooks and eventually be able to have instant-on functionality and persistent connectivity. Recently at the COmputex 2009 Expo, Freescale announced this concept and said that the smartbooks are cloud-computing-centric and characterized by all-day battery life.

As the smartbook category takes shape, Freescale has teamed up with industrial design programs to demonstrate possible next-generation form factors for smartbook devices. They are commonly powered by processors based on ARM technology, such as Freescale's i.MX515.

In my opinion, this smartbook looks like it will appeal customers with its fancy design. I hope it will be capable to play games like the PSP.

3 komentar

  1. anicam  

    28 Juli 2009 23.00

    I can see you forsee the future of what really a note book will look like.
    thanks for the information

  2. Roffi Grandiosa  

    28 Juli 2009 23.42

    ok thanks for dropping by!

  3. I am all that I am  

    29 Juli 2009 10.51

    things are getting too small. don't know if i like it.

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