A Review of HP Compaq Mini 110c

Although recently CNET published that the HP company was provoked by Greenpeace in the cause of dangerous products contained in HP products, I really think this news breaking story wouldn't be a burden towards the sales of HP netbooks world wide.

In this article, I would like to review the HP Compaq Mini 110c. This product is actually based on the Compaq Mini 700, but differences are of course identified. The 110c looks cheaper because of its materials used. It has a coarser matte black plastic finish and no 'frameless' display. One upside is that the 10 in display has an anti-glare finish which is suitable for outdoor use.

The complete look is that this netbook seems sturdy enough and quite charming with its glossy lid. When you open the lid, you can see an interior with 92 per cent full-size keys that are comfortable to use

Unfortunately, the touchpad features buttons that would not appeal users because the buttons remain on either side. A strange arrangement but likely you could get used to it.

The hardware is pretty the same mainstream thing. It comes with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive and also get 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a webcam.

Connectivity is also similar, though this model does share the Mini 700's lack of a second audio jack, with just one port serving both headphones and microphones. The usual ports found are 3 USB ports, a VGA output, multi-format card reader and Ethernet port.

Audio visual of this HP Compaq Mini 110c netbook is much like most netbooks. While bright and sharp, the display is merely passable where colour production is concerned, while the speakers barely pass muster so you will need a good set of headphones.

The price is affordable and this netbook costs around $419. It's worth to know that Windows XP is the operating system. I think HP has produced a good netbook in the Compaq Mini 110c. The keyboard maybe the main advantage but it doesn't offer anything special compared to other netbooks flourishing the market.

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