Netbook Skins!

Skins are an example of popular accessories that could be applied to any electronic gadget. With skins, any kind of gadgets such as laptops, cellphones and even netbooks could have a higher value in terms of fashion and design. Netbooks are becoming a new trend and more people are using it. Lot's of people will love to have different look on their netbooks. Recently LG released their fashion netbook collaborating with Levi's.

and one way of doing it is to purchase customed made skins that could be sticked to the netbook surface. One company that is gaining popularity is They have a great collection of beautifully design netbook skins. One of them you can see below.
netbook skin asus eee

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  1. netbook skins  

    4 Desember 2009 01.03

    you are right, skins have many advantages, they add to the beauty of our gadget and provides additional protection from scratches etc...

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