Levi's Jeans Brand on LG Special Edition Netbook

LG levis netbook special editionFashion meets netbooks, this is probably one way to increase sales and differ from the mainstream netbook products. Recently LG, a company from Korea, announced that they will release a mini-notebook with the application of Levi's jeans brand design. It is known as the Levi's special edition of X-Note Mini which is to be released soon.

Levi's special edition in addition, will have Levi's jeans as the material of the mini-notebook pouch (storage pockets), and the product is limited to only 2,500 units. If you would like to purchase it is available from GSeShop (at 24 July 2009). This product will be on sale for only 28 days and probably people outside of Korea will not have a chance to buy this product.

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