Fujitsu LifeBook M2010 Netbook

Fujitsu has dabbled in ultra-ultraportable machines for a while now, having released the LifeBook U810 and U820 tablet PCs. Now the company is ready to take baby steps into the netbook market, with its M2010. To be honest, though, this isn't the bold move that Fujitsu should have--or could have--made.

Fujitsu's M2010, according to company spokespeople, is geared a bit more toward kids. While not exactly child-size, the machine's keys seem reminiscent of the keyboard on the 10-inch Acer Aspire One: a little on the smaller side, but with perfectly serviceable buttons. At least the arrow keys are large on the M2010. And you'll need them--though the touchpad has a nice, textured surface, its size is about average for a netbook. That's hardly a crime, but since we're seeing new netbooks (like the Toshiba NB205) crop up with larger touchpads, I'm greedy and I want to see more, if only for the sake of my aching hands.

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