Swordfish Net 102 Dual Intel Atom N270

Haleron, a Columbian based PC manufacturer built a two Intel Atom chip netbook named as the Swordfish Net N102. This netbook guarantee to offer sufficient CPU power targeted for multi-tasking applications in both office and home environments.

Although the graphics performance may not as good as some of the Intel Atom Nvidia solution but the advantage of a parallel processing enhance the workload process so two cores could give performance. Other specifications included in this netbook area 2GB memory RAM, 160GB hard disk drive, built in WCDMA 3G module, 802.11b/g wireless LAN technology, a 1.3-Megapixel webcam, 10.2-inch LCD display panel and many more.

The machine will be preloaded with Windows XP Operating Systems but with two processors in it, it is expected to draw battery life.

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  1. rif  

    6 Oktober 2009 00.56

    wow..nice gadget

  2. omnunu  

    12 November 2009 01.49

    I like this..
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