My blog got Sandboxed by Google!

Recently I found out that since yesterday (4th September 2009), my blog didn't appear in search engine result especially Google. Previously this blog (Netbook Reviewer) has been in second place of Google SERP on the keyword of Netbook Reviewer. Anybody got the same experience?

I guess It was because I was using frequently Entrecard the past weeks with 300 drops a day using Voice of Bragg dropping tool, so don't be shocked if this new blog could have a high increase of Alexa Rank.

I just want to ask the blog readers to be kind enough to temporarily link to my blog with an achor link to

Thank you very much for your help!
I will gladly repay your with a blog review on this blog. Please comment if your interested!

2 komentar

  1. mytheory  

    5 September 2009 21.04

    i have added ur link to my blog
    please check out at my link area with anchor:netbookreview, your link is on there.

    here's my blog
    All Blogging Tips


  2. Roffi Grandiosa  

    6 September 2009 15.14

    thx for your help! I will link back to your blog right away

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