The combination of Atom Processors and NVIDIA ION GPU in netbooks is probably the recent trend and recently reported that these kind of netbooks will show up in the US in the form of Samsung N510.

The recent report from claimed that the Samsung N510,will be around in September 2009. The ability of this netbook is very advance, it will have a HDMI out and able to play Blue Ray. Reports are not confirmed whether this product will come out with an optical drive.

This beefed up netbook in theory will have a similar graphic power compared to the Ge Force 9400 M, and this is very good news for gamers. Price of the Samsung N510 is reported to be around $599.

The downside is probably due to the battery life and this may push away netbook consumers. As a gaming machine, it is still questioned but I guess a lot of folks out there need a machine like the Samsung N510 to fulfill their mobile gaming activity, especially those online 3d MM0RPG such as Warcraft Online.

The consumers then mus decide whether they aim for the cost, or rather have a graphically-boosted Netbook, a thin-and-light, or a budget laptop with a better core processor?

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