The Blurry Line Betweeen Netbooks and Notebooks

The distinction between the Netbook and the Notebook can be considered blurry because of the development on both categories.

Advancement in notebooks recently are the development of thin and light notebooks with consumer ultra-low voltage (CULV) processors. This is an advantage in order to make smaller notebooks.The size of notebooks could reanch around 11 inch screen sized netbooks.

On otherwise the Netbook, which is defined as a machine with its small keyboard, small screen, and lack of an optical drive will certainly compete with notebooks which is getting thinner and sell roughly for the same price.

It's clear this is mostly arbitrary. If there were a technical definition Netbooks would have been defined as something with a much smaller screen, at least as small as 7 inches, and a more expensive starting price.

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  1. L. Venkata Subramaniam  

    28 Agustus 2009 05.01

    Are netbooks widely available in the market today? I have not seen many of these yet.

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