Samsung GO N310 Netbook Review

Life happens in places other than home. And life happens in colors other than shades of gray. That's why we created the Samsung Go™ netbook. The Samsung Go is a compact, lightweight netbook computer that's ready to go whenever, wherever. Feel like working at the park? You're there. Think you'd be more inspired at the lake or beach? Get going. Just want to work in the backyard? That's okay too. And since your life is fun and exciting, the Samsung Go netbook comes in four fun and exciting colors: Sunset Orange, Midnight Blue, Mint Blue and Jet Black.

In fact, everything about the Samsung Go says fun and easy. Smoothly rounded corners simply look and feel better. A pebble-textured keyboard facilitates flying fingers, even those slippery from suntan oil. A spacious hard drive lets you bring along all your favorite music, photos, videos and movies. A 10.1" wide LED-backlit LCD display is brighter than ever. And with a 10-hour battery, the Samsung Go is always ready to go, go, go. Are you ready to go? The Samsung Go netbook makes the journey more fun.

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  1. cartucho r4i  

    19 November 2009 01.56

    The Samsung Go N310 doesn't stray far from that territory, but it at least manages to pack those familiar parts into a fun, colorful plastic shell.

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