Hands On Pegatron ARM Powered Netbook

A prototype netbook has been built by Pegatron (a company which is subsidiary of ASUS). The new netbook developed is using the ARM Cortex A8 chip on its Freescale iMX515 CPU which is found on the Palm Pre smartphone. What is interesting is that the chip is clocked at 1GHz rather than the 600MHz in the Pre. If you notice the clock speed is lower compared to Intel Atom-powered netbooks but the Pegatron netbook's CPU is reported to be capable of playing back 720p HD movies and supporting 3D games.

What to expect of this netbook is the energy efficiency. It has a the two-cell battery that could last up to 8 hours, with a minimum of 4.5 hours. Other features are, the netbook have two USB ports, a VGA output and a memory card reader.

Pricing or release information is yet to be confirmed, even there isn't any certainty whether it will be produced. Netbooknews.com uploaded a hands on video review on Youtube.

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