Dell recently launched the new netbook Latitude 2100 and this product is actually influenced by the needs of K-12 students. The need for the ‘student rugged’ design influenced Dell to launch the Latitude 2100 which is offered in five colors with wireless connectivity. It could be monitored by educators with a network activity light!

The Latitude 2100 will also appeal to other public-sector and enterprise customers looking for a netbook for uses from employee training to order fulfillment, or wanting secondary systems for their workforces.

Backed by Dell’s award-winning business-class service and support – including optional onsite services
The Latitude 2100 extends Dell’s Latitude range and joins the Latitude XT tablet and fully rugged Latitude E6400 XFR as systems designed to meet the exacting needs of customers across a range of private and public-sector organizations with specific mobile computing requirements. Enterprises and public-sector customers looking for a business-class netbook will be attracted to the Latitude 2100 for activities ranging from employee training to order fulfillment or when a secondary system is required by their workforce.

Source: Dell Website
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